Tailored to picture

composition & scoring

Below you will find a selection of music from various projects that I have scored. If you would like to view the video reel that includes audio post-production work you can find it here:

scoring highlights

Commercial Score - Cinematic Hip/HopCharlotte Hornets 2023 Reveal
Short Film - CinematicShips in the Night
Experimental Film - Electronic / EDMElucidate
Commercial Score - UpbeatH&R Block Tax Expertise
Commercial Score - CinematicLeidos: What's Next for You?
Commercial Score - UpbeatCharlotte's Got A Lot
Short Film - Hip-Hop OrientedJoe's Barbershop
Episodic - Cinematic / Mixed Genrecreate! - Ep.2: Score Pt.1
Episodic - Electronic Acoustic Hybrid, Hip-Hop Orientedcreate! - Ep.2: Score Pt.2
Episodic - Electroniccreate! - Ep.2: Score Pt.3
Commercial Score - CinematicFlight in the City
Short Film - Rock / PunkLetherbee
Episodic - Cinematic / Electronic Acoustic Hybridcreate! - Ep.1: Condensed Score
Commercial Score - CinematicGrace Hopper Celebration
Short Film - CinematicLejos de Casa
Commercial Score - Cinematic / WorldAfrica Dream Safari
Commercial Score - CinematicPlacemaking
Title Theme - Retro PopNeon Jungle
Commercial Score - CinematicThis Is Us
Stock Music - Electronic Hip-Hop HybridLoyal
Short Film - Alt / Indie RockSpace Whaling
Stock Music - Electronic Acoustic Hip-Hop HybridIn the Meantime
If you're looking to go beyond stock music libraries

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